If a particular saree is sold out can I order the same piece again?
kimkara creates limited edition pieces. Only selected sarees are repeated on popular demand after informing the clients. If you have purchased a kimkara saree and would not like to be repeated we adhere to the promise of never creating the same piece again.

Does kimkara create bespoke dresses?
The kimkara team is always ready for challenges. If you like the art from one of our pieces and would like the same on a contemprory dress, top or any style of your choice, please get in touch with us on kimkaradesign@gmail.com and we will surprise you by creating a one of a kind piece for you. Check out our Clients section for more ideas.

I would like to design my own wedding ensemble.
We at kimkara have a team of skilled tailors and karigars who have been with us from the time of inception. An experienced production team that has created kimkara wedding ensembles over the years. kimkara is all about the choice of art combined with Indian workmanship, that varies with individual preferences. You will be part of creating your own kimkara at every step – right from approving the art, the fabric, embellishments and the style. We would love to create your own one of a kind wedding dress that is special and the only one ever created.

I like the art but I would like it in a different colour, is that possible?
Yes, let us know your favourite colour and we can recreate the art to your preference.

I like the art from one of your sarees, can I have the same on a tunic?
Yes, you can. Once we have your right measurements we can create it on the tunic. You will be part of creating your own kimkara at every step – right from approving the art, the fabric, embellishments and the style.

I am an artist, can you create a kimkara with my art?
Yes we would love to. This requires additional time and technicalities. We will need very high resolution images for us to start creating the design. We wi be able to guide you through the process of sharing the high resolution images with us and you will need to courier the artwork to us and you will be part of creating your own kimkara at every step – right from approving the interpretation of your art, the fabric, embellishments and the style.

As an artist how can I collaborate with you?
Every collection of kimkara is based on the work of one artist alone. We would love to see your work and the possibility of a collaboration with terms and conditions. Write to us on kimkaradesign@gmail.com to explore the possibilities.

We have a celebration in the family and we would like to give a customised kimkara to our guests.
We would love to have a special place in your celebrations, let us know your idea and leave it to us to create something original, bespoke and beautiful for you and your family to treasure forever.

Can I pay in installments? Or an advance on placing my order and full payment on completion of my customised kimkara?
Sadly no. We request you to pay in full at the time of ordering your kimkara. For a customised piece certain part of the payment maybe required at the time of commencing the designing and the balance payment in full will be required once the artwork has been approved, before we start production.

How long does it take to make a customised order?
A ready piece from our collection can be delivered to you within about a week.
A bespoke piece can be in your hands in about a month from the time the artwork is finalised.

How do I take care of my kimkara?
We believe in passing a kimkara from one generation to the next. A kimkara is created with pure fabrics and needs your love and care. Please dry clean only.

Do you take appointments for online viewing?
Yes we do. Kindly fill in your details on Contact.

How do I know what size to order?
There is a Standardised size chart for your reference, you may also add additional information when you order your kimkara.

Do you make clothes for children’s sizes?
Yes we do. Please choose the art and how you would like to customize it, we will make it to the size specs you share with us.

How do I track my order?
You can write to us on kimkaradesign@gmail.com or message us on for the updates on your orders.


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