Shikha Grover (6 November 1966 – eternity) “Now I see that the journey was never meant to lead to some new and improved version of me; that it has always been about coming home to who I already am.” ― Katrina Kenison

Turning 50 triggers something in all of us. For Shikha Grover, it triggered an avalanche of action. As gravity took its toll, the waist thickened, wrinkles got deeper and eye-sight weaker, she decided to take life head on and really began living it up, to use a cliche. Shikha is now a fitness enthusiast. She hired a handsome young trainer, forced the weighing scale to move in reverse and started looking hot at 50. More importantly, she decided to become an entrepreneur. For a large part of her career, Shikha devoted her time and energy to the social sector. She was with Childline India Foundation, working to improve the lives of street children for 10 years in Mumbai; moved to Kuala Lumpur 6 years ago and helped a child with special needs graduate from the Garden International School. This strong need to give back to the world has always been an integral part of her existence.

It is often said, “Our talents are the gift that God gives to us… What we make of our talents is our gift back to God”. With no formal training in any art form but sure of the fact that he had something special….a gift.

Dr. Jatinder Singh Bhogal has created some amazing works of art. Inspired by his mother, he learnt to balance the demands of a competitive urban life with his love for music and colours from an early age. Dr. Bhogal picked up the brush on his own and started out by trying to copy the works of the great Masters. Learning their brush-work was the stepping stone in developing his own unique style and the next step was to bring to life his own dreams on canvas. Stemming from his deep rooted belief in the ‘One God’, Dr. J. S. Bhogal’s paintings often reflect his interpretation of the text and folklore from all religions.

Upasana Mishra is a Kuala Lumpur based artist whose repertoire includes Chinese paint brush art, ceramic art, Tanjore painting and various other Asian art forms. Upasana’s series of paintings called Nature’s Hues and Mood which is inspired by the life journey of a woman is the driving inspiration behind Kimkara’s 2020 collection.

While Upasana has made Malaysia her home, her work has been exhibited at various international venues in London, Bhutan, Chicago, Florida and Bangkok. Shikha discovered Upasana’s work and was immediately taken in by the Asian inspired Art, which resonated closely with what kimkara wanted to do with this collection.

You can see more of Upasana’s work on upasana.mishra.526 on Instagram.

Mandakini has developed her own style based on her perspective and she likes to create art out of human emotions. Her free-hand portraits capture the emotions so perfectly, telling a story from which we can only imagine. She says; “Whatever I have conquered, shines through my free spirited, intense, kinetic strokes and choice of colors”

Miranda Free is an Australian artist that paints in a contemporary realist style. She moves between figurative, landscape and still life genres, generally using oil paints. However, the paintings that have been used as inspiration for the 2019 collection are mostly watercolour, mixed media and alcohol ink works that reflect her interests in exploring other media, drawing and pattern.

Miranda lived in Kuala Lumpur for 2.5 years exhibiting her work in several shows including a solo exhibition at the Refinery Gallery in 2017. The lush environments and colours of south-east Asia have inspired a number of the floral works that are integral to the collection, and will continue to inspire her now that she is again based in Western Australia.

These designs featuring Miranda’s work are for viewing only. We shall not be producing and/or customising any more pieces using her work. However we still have a few sarees, tunics and resort wear pieces with her art in stock at very attractive prices.

You can see more of Miranda’s work at and @mirandafreeartist on Instagram.

Radha Reddy is a self taught artist and has developed a unique style of painting after experimenting with various mediums. She is naturally drawn to spirituality and is fascinated by the whirling dervishes and all mystical forms of beauty.

The collection; “Joy of Being” portrays her love for faces, the uniqueness of each expression,  and the story that each face holds.

‘Journey of a free Soul” – featuring the dancing dervishes, practitioners of the mystical form of Sufism through their meditative dance, represents a symbolic journey to reach one’s inner self.


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